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Related article: now under treatment at the hospial, but cannot speak posi- tively of the result. 3. Finally, it is imperative to say something of the "neurotic" theory 500mg Cipro of the disease, though the problem is so complex that I approach it with diffidence, Cipro Online Pharmacy the more so that I Order Cipro Online must condense into a few sentences an argument which should occupy a volume. It is obvious that if satisfactory conception of this sort can be framed it would have the great advantage of bring- ing Cipro Xr 500mg Graves's disease into line with the other members of the vast neuropathic family of diseases, the psychoses, the neuroses, the degenerative affections with which it is clini- cally so closely related. The first question is, what do we mean by a neurosis? Is it a "functional " or an " organic" disease, to use Buy Cipro Xr the cur- 622 MODERN VIEWS OF THE NATURE AND rent terms? In this connection, I would call attention to a valuable paper by Prof. Obersteiner of Buy Cheap Cipro Online Vienna, published in the WeinerKlin. Woche?ischr., April 25, 1895, though I do not wholly agree with his reasoning or conclusions. Obersteiner points out, what is certainly true, that many conditions which have been called "functional," that is, have been supposed to be without anatomical basis, are being classed, thanks to our better methods - of research, among the diseases of known pathology. At the same time, he believes that there are and probably always will be a certain number of affections, or symptoms (which may exist either independently of the so-called organic nervous diseases or in conjunction with them), having the peculiarity that they are due to a quasi-physiological Cheap Cipro Online dis- order, if the expression may be allowed, of the higher functions of the brain ; that they are in short allied to the psychoses. Many hysterical symptoms are of this character. This is a useful generalization and akin to the explanation which I have to offer, but should approach the problem in a somewhat different way. Speaking broadly, one may divide the diseases of the nervous system into three principal classes : a, those where certain nerve elements degenerate, mainly because of inherent weakness ; b, those dependent on a toxic cause or on impairment of the circulation, that is dependent in a general sense upon their blood supply ; c, those which arise because from one or another cause the harmony which should exist between Buying Cipro Online the different portions of the nervous system is broken. It is in this latter class I think that the neuroses belong, though I may say, in passing, that the same disease should often be classed under more than one heading, the classification here suggested being merely offered to show the different etiological tendencies which are at work. Much needless discussion has been spent on the question TREATMENT OF EXOPHTHALMIC GOITRE. 623 whether in the neuroses and psychoses there is any demon- strable change in the elements of the nervous system. In one sense the answer Cipro Xl 500mg is a simple one. The current terms, namely, are meaningless. There is no such thing as a functional disease of the nervous system, if by that is meant one that has no correlate in change of structure. Even fatigue leaves a mark in nerve-cells, which, as we may recognize with pride, a student of Clarke University, Mr. Hodge, was the first to note. The only sense, so far as I know, in which we may not expect to find a structural correlate for a manifestation of disordered function, Buy Cipro 500mg is where the disorder is adopted, as it were, by the organism, so that it is no longer proper to speak of it as a disorder at all. It is not to be supposed, for example, that such a trick as biting one's finger-nails or scratching one's head, nor even, necessarily, all of the habitual symptoms Buy Cheap Cipro of such an affec- tion as Graves's disease, would inevitably be registered by any mark transcending those of normal activity and fatigue, though in the end such changes would be likely to occur, and in the case of Graves's disease it is quite probable that by finer modes of research lesions will be found, especially in the medulla oblongata. We know that other affections presumably referable to cerebral or spinal disease, such as diabetes, progressive muscular atrophy, tabes, are occasion- ally met with in association with Graves's disease. The decisive investigations in this direction must be left for the future, but it may safely be predicted that when lesions are found they will be discovered not only in the medulla ob- longata, but in higher and related centres as Purchase Cipro Online well, and CD 7 CD probably in the peripheral nervous system in addition, as Maude has justly assumed. The essential characteristic of the neuroses and psychoses is, to my mind, that in their origin, and at first, they are quasi-physiological, though morbid, manifestations of cere- bral activity. 624 MODERN VIEWS OF THE NATURE AND As one observes the smooth flow of life in a healthy man, all his functions seem so firmly harmonized, so absolutely subordinated to the interests of his conscious personality, that it is difficult to conceive what organized riots, what complex displays of independent action will make their ap- pearance when once this harmony, this healthy interde- pendence of function is disturbed by disease. The laws under which these outbreaks occur are the laws